How To Know The Detail Of Unknown Caller

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The number of mobile users in the country is constantly increasing. With 96 million users, India is the world’s largest mobile user. A mobile offers from several major telecom service provider and one of the reasons it is cheaper calling. However, users took advantage of it now rather than one SIM, SIM 2-2 are used together. But unknown phone calls between mobile users and the growing number of missed calls is increasing by the day. The growing number between today we are going to tell you, how to know the details of the unknown caller.

Unknown incoming calls on mobile headache is not less than any of several ways. Some mobile users if there is a mistake to call this unknown, unknown calls people never bother to do. Although, in both situations is a troubled mobile users.

According to a survey, most unknown calls women or girls has come close. To avoid disturbing the day came when the calls are just so many ways. Of these mobile phones be switched off, diverted to make and receive calls not is dominant. But other than even a way.

True Caller is an application which lets you know the location of the unknown calls or Missed calls can. With its help, you can take court action against him or can teach lessons.

True caller application is saved on the details of nearly 622 million phone numbers. The name of the owner of the mobile number from the details to know everything is saved. Now the question that arises is how to use it all. Android, iPhone, Windows and Symbian platforms running on this application must be downloaded first.

Applications that run on the Android platform for mobile download link -

Applications that run on the Symbian platform in the mobile download link -

Applications that run on the iPhone platform in the mobile download link -

After downloading the application will open a popup on your mobile phone screen. The call filter, search and update the phonebook on your screen, you’ll see several options. Using search option in your phone, you can find details of all the numbers are saved. Although, in India, the application still does not give complete call detail information.


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